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A Guide to Frame Measurements

Finding Your Perfect Fit is Easy


You don't need to worry about choosing your glasses online. We have devised an easy way for you to make sure that the frames that you select on online will fit you perfectly. 


Follow these easy steps below to measure your glasses to make your online browsing a breeze.


All you will need is:

- a ruler 

- a pair of spectacles that fit you well


Step 1:

A pair of spectacles that fits you well is a really good starting point. Your glasses may have numbers printed on the inside of the temple arm. These numbers indicate the frame dimensions. You will use these numbers and compare them to the numbers that appear on the Torga frames that you will see on this website. 


Step 2:

If there are no numbers, then you can get the necessary mesaurements yourself by measuring the width of the lens, the nose bridge and the length of the arm/temple. (See diagrams below as a reference). These are what are known as your frame measurements. 


Step 3: 

Now you can start browsing our Latest Collection of frames, find the Torga style that you like, compare your measurements with the measurements of the Torga frame, and order your perfect pair of glasses.

On this website, each Torga frame has three numbers after the product name. These numbers relate to specific dimensions of the frame. (See below for visual refence.)

NOTE: When you are comparing your current spectacles' measurements to that of the Torga frames that you like on our website, remember that you have a leeway of 2-3mm on each measurement, except for the bridge. Stick to a leeway of just 2mm on the bridge. 


Happy browsing!