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Square Shaped Face

Your face is square! 

This means that you probably have a strong jawline with a wide-ish forehead. Your face has good, strong angles.

So, in order to create balance, you should choose frames that are rounder in shape in order to balance these angles. Round or oval frames will soften the angles of your face, creating balance.


 Frames to avoid and consider:

:-(    square

:-(    angular

:-)    round

:-)    oval 


Question 3:

Which of the three frame categories below appeals to you most?

We've selected some frames, based on what they are made of so that you can start choosing frames that will suit

Your Individuality!

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Our Torga Femina 5051 is a Torga Made acetate frame available in Black, Pink and Beige colours.

Price is for one complete pair of spectacles including Single Vision Hard Coated Lenses. This frame qualifies for Torga Optical's Spectacle Spectacle 2 pair deal. Add 2 frames to your cart to see your discount.

Frame & Lenses from R1,580